District Criminal

Catherine Evans
District Judge, 180th Judicial District
Catherine V. Evans was appointed to the 180th Judicial District Court in Harris County by Governor Rick Perry. Prior to her appointment, Catherine dedicated twelve years to pursuing justice as a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. She has tried criminal cases at every level including capital murder cases.
Jan Krocker
District Judge, 184th Judicial District
Judge Jane Krocker has served the people of Harris County as Presiding Judge of the 184th District Court since 1995. During her career she has handled more than 40,000 criminal cases and has presided over many complex trials.
Susan Brown
District Judge, 185th Judicial District
Denise Collins
District Judge, 208th Judicial District
Judge Denise Collins was elected to the 208th District Court in 1992. During the past 18 years of service Judge Collins has administered verdicts for many felony cases, including sex offenders and capital murderers. Judge Collins is a proud conservative and continuously applies her conservative principles, such as sound fiscal responsibility, by being mindful of the taxpayers’ money.
Brad Hart
District Judge, 230th Judicial District
Brad Hart was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve as Judge of the 230th District Court in January of 2013. Prior to his appointment Brad served as a prosecutor in the DA’s office and was promoted to Felony District Court Chief in 2006. Brad tried over 100 jury trials including securing trial convictions in six capital murders and obtaining one death sentence.
Katherine Cabaniss
District Judge, 248th Judicial District
Katherine Cabaniss was appointed to be the Judge of the 248th Criminal District Court of Harris County by Governor Perry in 2013. As a criminal court judge, she is committed to service to the community and justice in every case. Judge Cabaniss has been a leader during her career in the areas of law, public safety, nonprofit organizations, and more. She has been protecting and empowering citizens for more than two decades.
Denise Bradley
District Judge, 262nd Judicial District
Denise Bradley currently serves as Judge of the Texas 262nd Criminal District Court. Judge Bradley also presides over one of the Harris County Success Through Addiction Recover (STAR) courts. The STAR courts work with non-violent offenders who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. In 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed Judge Bradley to the Specialty Courts Advisory Council. The council evaluates applications for grant funding for the therapeutic courts in Texas.
Jim Wallace
District Judge, 263rd Judicial District
Lynn Bradshaw Hull
District Judge, 280th Judicial District
Lynn Bradshaw-Hull, a trusted conservative Republican Judge, was first elected in 1994. She is currently serving in the 280th District Court as the first Judge elected to the domestic violence court. Beginning private practice in 1984, she represented clients in predominantly civil and domestic relations, including domestic violence matters, and served as a certified mediator until elected to her first bench.