James Lombardino
Family District Judge, 308th Judicial District
James Lombardino is Judge of the 308th Family District Court. Judge Lombardino began his career as an Assistant District Attorney for Harris County, Texas, prosecuting cases in both felony and misdemeanor courts, before moving into private practice with an emphasis on Family Law.
Sheri Y. Dean
Family District Judge, 309th Judicial District
After years of practice, Sheri Y. Dean built a strong reputation as a Family Law Attorney and now serves as presiding Judge of the 309th Family District Court.
Alicia Franklin
Family District Judge, 311th Judicial District
Alicia Franklin is District Judge of the 311th Judicial District Court, in Harris County, Texas. Family law requires a specific set of skills, and Alicia has demonstrated that she has the experience and temperament for the job.  She often acts as a mediator to resolve complex, emotional family law issues.